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History of the US Post Office in Temecula
Post Office # 1  - April 22, 1859

   The first Post Office in Temecula was located at the first Magee Store (near Redhawk). Mail was delivered by the Overland Stage also known as the Butterfield Stage. The 1860 census recorded 308 residents in Temecula.

Post Office # 2  - 1870

   The Wolf Store (next to Kohl’s on Temecula Parkway) was Temecula’s Post Office for 13 years. Mail was brought by stage or horseback three times a week.

Post Office # 3  - 1883

   The new Temecula Train Depot on the west side of Murrieta Creek next to the bridge became the Temecula Post Office. Mail was brought by the train.

Post Office # 4  - 1884

   Mac Machado built a building for the Post Office (now the Public House restaurant), it served that purpose for only
1 1/2 years.

Post Office #5  - 1886

   The Machado store (now the 1909 Pub) housed the Post Office for 1 1/2 years. The current building was built in 1909 to replace the original, which burned in 1888.

Post Office # 6  - 1887

   Hotel Temecula (Welty Hotel) housed the Post Office for 8 years.

Post Office # 7  - 1895

   The Post Office was in the Welty home (part of the Hotel Temecula) for 20 years.

Post Office # 8  - 1915

   Mrs. Hall’s Café (adjacent to the Bank Restaurant) was also the Post Office for 23 years.

Post Office # 9  - 1938

   The Mrs. Christine Otto home was the Post Office for a year.

Post Office # 10 - 1939

   The Palomar Hotel housed the Post Office for the longest time with a 35 year run. In 1967 an annex Post Office opened on the east side of Hwy. 395 in the Rancho California Plaza.

Post Office # 11 - 1974

   The Champion Building next to Rosa’s Cantina was the Post Office for 6 years.

Post Office # 12 - 1980

   When the Champion Building (next to Rosa’s Cantina) closed for remodeling, an industrial park location on Jefferson Avenue served as the Post Office for one year.

Post Office # 13 - 1981

   The first building built by the Post Office in Temecula at the corner of Front & Moreno Road and has been serving Old Town for the past 28 years.

Post Office # 14 - 1991

   The Post Office on the corner of Rancho California and Margarita Roads has served as Temecula’s Main Post Office since 1991.