Society Membership
'Working to preserve the rich heritage of the Temecula Valley'
CLICK HERE to obtain a printable Membership Application.

  If you are joining as a new member, please print a membership application by clicking on the
"CLICK HERE" link above, then follow the instructions on the form. Memberships are for one year.
You can either mail your application along with your check, or just mail your application and pay through our website. If you are a renewing member, you can just make your payment without having to send an application.
Below are the instructions to join directly from this web page:
First, choose the correct membership level: e.g. "Single", "Family" … from the drop down menu below.
The pre-selected level is "Family".
NOTE: Contributor and Patron memberships can also be considered to be for a family.

Then click on "Add to Cart".

Next, be sure the selected number of memberships is correct. The default is one.

Then select either "PayPal Check Out", or "Check Out" (Pay with a credit card)

On the next screen, be sure the credit card you want to pay with is selected,
then click on "Pay Now", and you are done.
Student    $10
Single    $25
Family    $35
Contributor  (Single or Family)    $50
Patron  (Single or Family)    $100
Single Lifetime    $750
Family Lifetime    $1000
Select Membership Level

Click on the down arrow at left to choose a level other than "Family".
Credit Card Badges
MEMBER    $45
Select Membership Level

Click on the down arrow at left to choose Non-Member".
Credit Card Badges

    Your personal involvement in the Society's activities is important, too. There are plenty of opportunities for you to help, even if you can only donate a few hours per month. These include serving on a committee, helping out at special events or working on one of the society’s projects. Many tasks can be tailored around your interests and customized to fit the time you have available.

    We have volunteer opportunities in the following areas:

    Membership, Education, Fundraising,Public Relations, Research & Preservation, Special Events, Bylaws, Nominating, Newsletter,Website, Projects and Children’s programs.
The Board of Directors formulate and vote on policies.
Membership is open to anyone regardless of race, color, relgion, sex or national origin.
Dues and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Donations may be designated or undesignated.
Adobe Reader is required to view and print the application