'Working to preserve the rich heritage of the Temecula Valley'
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Tom Hudson
Steve Lech
Duane Preimsberger
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Horace Parker
Rebecca Farnbach
Delfina Cuero
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Olive McFate Davis
Lester Reed
Lester Reed
Anne J. Miller
Jerome W. Baumgartner
Phil Brigandi
Antionette May & Helen Hunt Jackson
Waterman L. Ormsby
Horace Parker
Joseph J. Hill
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Phyllis H. Gardner
Anne J. Miller
Horace Parker
Horace Parker
Horace Parker
Lorrin L. Morrison
"We are Not Savages":Native Americans in Southern California and the Pala Reservation, 1840-1920
Joel Hyer
Images of America series
Margaret Wellman Jaenke, Tony Mauricio, the Hamilton Museum
Elinor Martin
Gail Waechter Corkill, Sharon Hunt
Rebecca Farnbach, Loretta Barnett
William McBurney, Mary Rice Milholland
Ellen L. Sweet, Lynne Newell
Edythe J. Greene, Elizabeth Helper
Elinor Martin, Betty Bouris
Marvin Curran, Loretta Barnett, Rebecca Farnbach
Marvin Curran, Tony Guenther
Clifford Trafzer, Jeffery Smith
Donna Bradley
Loretta Barnett, Rebecca Farnbach, Jeffery Harmon
Brad Bailey
Lynne Newell Christenson, Ellen L. Sweet
Rebecca Farnbach, Loretta Barnett, the Vail Ranch
Rebecca Farnbach, Vincenzo Cilurzo, Audrey Cilurzo
Kathryn Lee Fletcher, Warner Springs Historical Society
Robert Cashman