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David R. Barnett
A story of outstanding achievement
   This is the story of David R. Barnett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barnett of Murrieta, whose career began in the Temecula Elementary School from which he graduated from the eighth grade in 1952.

    He attended the Elsinore Union High School and was graduated with the class of 1956, sharing Salutatorians honor with Louise Roripaugh.

    Not only was David close to being a straight A student in high school but he found time to make the Varsity basketball and tennis teams.

    Upon graduation he was the only boy in the class to receive the "Outstanding Boy" trophy and was given a life membership in the California Scholarship Federation.

    A month before graduation, May 15, 1956, he won the Bank of America Achievement Award in the field of Science and Mathematics.

    David was a member of the 4-H Mavericks Club in Temecula for several years and became and Eagle Scout April 11, 1955, in his Junior high school year.

    We next find David at Fresno State College taking an engineering course. He became a member of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity September 20, 1958 and was graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree January 27, 1961.

    His next move was to join the Air Force where he received his early training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, becoming a Second Lieutenant September 26, 1961. From there he was given a two-weeks survival training course at Webb Air Force Base, Big Spring, Texas, where he graduated with honors February 6, 1963 and was awarded his Silver Wings Jet Pilot license.

    David is now stationed at Luke Field, Phoenix, Arizona where he is flying a F-100 Super Saber Jet in an advance training course and where he plays hand ball, his favorite sport, whenever he can find time out from a very strenuous course.

    And that's the story of Lt. David R. Barnett, a remarkable young man.

La Laguna Revue Volume II No. 7 - May 1963