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Al Knott - Temecula Village Blacksmith
   Over fifty years ago, a young man named Al Knott began making his living in the blacksmith trade in the township of Temecula in a building located on the corner where the Palomar Hotel now stands.

    Today, in Riverside County, he is probably the last man still doing this type of work and according to Webster, "Metallurgy is the art and science of separating metals from their ores and preparing them for reuse.", and Al Knott is one man who knows how to create branding irons and fit a horse with new shoes.

    In the year 1918, Mr. Knott built a garage and moved his blacksmith business into an adjoining building where he continued his work until 1956 when he gave up the garage work.

    He is presently doing general repairing and making metal articles for friends.

    In his time, as an active blacksmith, he repaired many a buggy and wagon wheel, shod over 10,000 horses, repaired plows and made branding irons. He still uses his forge in the making of iron decorations for windows, hanging lamps, candle holders and fancy gate designs.

   La Laguna Revue  Vol. 5  Number 1  November, 1965
High on the wall is the board with the many brands
Al has put on irons for various customers.
Today Al's fire is kept burning but now it is more for
luxury items and not the necessary.